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Campbell Automation Services provides automation services for the food industry. Our service includes consulting, sales, installation, repair, training, and maintenance of the products of the manufacturers that we represent. In a nutshell, we like to solve automation problems for plants. One of the problems we have a lot of experience in solving is the transport of products, both edible and inedible, throughout a plant.

Traditional means of transporting product include conveyors, augers, tubs, people-power, forklifts, and pallet jacks. These methods are tried and true, but not without their problems. The space, maintenance, safety, and economy of these methods leave a lot to be desired. Vacuum and blowing systems are also tried and true. They save space, manpower, maintenance, money, and are safer than many of the alternatives.

Vacuum Systems use vacuum pumps located in remote areas of the plant to power collection points. Collection of product can then be distributed to any part of the plant. Controlled by either computer or PLC, timing of collection based on full production can be preset for a hands-free, people-free operation. There are even CIP or "Clean in Place" systems so that clean up is easy for edible product. If a plant has room for a hopper or collection points and 3", 4", or 6" piping, they have room for a vacuum system. No longer are barrels, tubs, dangerous and maintenance-full augers or conveyors needed. Some common products transported by means of vacuum are skins, bones, offal, mechanically deboned meat, carcasses, eviscera, and many more.

Blowing systems use blowers to move product. Just like vacuum systems, blowing systems use piping, collection points, and distribution points to move product safely and cleanly through the plant. Ice is one of the common products moved with blowing systems. A plant can efficiently move thousands of pounds of ice through the plant directly from the icehouse to box-icers, vats, chillers, or wherever else they may want. Smaller systems can move up to 12,000 pounds per hour, while larger systems can move up to 24,000 pounds or more per hour (figures are for continuous flow).

Both vacuum and blowing systems can move edible or inedible product. Campbell Automation Services can help you decide which system is best for you or if using either means can transfer your product. With over 17 years computer and electronic experience and 12 years food processing experience, we’ve seen a lot. Our experience and your knowledge of your plant, and the experience of the manufacturers and installers that we work with, we can provide a turnkey solution for your plant.