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So your old computer just isn't fast enough anymore. So you rush out and buy a new computer that has everything - everything except your old software and data. You have your software, but you upgraded about six times over the internet all the latest patches and fixes. You're old computer was a Compaq, you're new one is a Gateway so you just can't do a disk copy because each one had proprietary versions of Windows. You get the picture. Campbell Automation can help.

We do box upgrades for most computers. That means we take your old box, upgrade the necessary components to the latest, greatest stuff (or maybe just a little faster depending on your budget). Maybe a hard drive upgrade will get you the speed you need or maybe more ram, a faster video card, a faster CD Rom, a new CD Recorder, or a faster processor and motherboard. Either way, we can transfer your information in most cases to the new system so that all of the old familiar stuff is there, it just goes faster or has the new stuff you need. The bonus is, most of the time, it's less expensive to upgrade.

Most upgrades can be scheduled to be done overnight while you're business is not running and like our Repair Services all work is guaranteed and every precaution is made to safeguard your data. Contact us with the information found on our Contact button for quotes and scheduling.

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