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At last... honest, dependable, and reliable computer services.

At Campbell Automation we rely not on hype, but on great service to build long-lasting relations with our customers. If you need help, we're there to make sure the job is done right. We want you to come back again and again so we'll do what it takes to make sure that you receive full,  professional service.

We take the time to fully learn your automation needs. There are no 'canned' solutions - you have particular needs and we want those needs satisfied. Even with 17 years of experience, we don't and won't pretend to know it all. Our willingness to listen and learn from you is one way we set ourselves apart. We will listen to how you run your business or plant so that we can provide a complete solution. We have affiliated ourselves with other professionals in the automation, computer, and manufacturing industries to make automation work for you.

The Who, What, When, Where, and How of 

Campbell Automation Services

  • Who? - I am Pat Campbell and my company is Campbell Automation Services.  I have 20 years of computer experience. My experience includes over 20 years of technical support and consulting for PC's. I have been serving businesses in North Georgia providing support, programming, consulting, and repair services for over 17 years as an independent consultant. I worked for over 12 years with a major manufacturer of poultry processing automation equipment where I served as a technician, serviceman, consultant, and developer on Research & Development projects that combine computers, PLC, electronics, pneumatic, and mechanical equipment. I have also served as accounting software advisor, programmer, and Systems Administrator for the same company on a network of over forty users in three states. Recently, I formed a new company that provides solutions through automation and technology. It is now my full time occupation. I still represent some of the solutions manufactured by my former employer and my former employer is still a customer of mine. I believe in honest/reliable service with reasonable rates.

  • What? - Campbell Automation Services is a full service automation/computer company. What we are able to provide is the know-how to automate and computerize many tasks from the front office to the production line. Listed are just a few of the services we can provide:

bullet Repair/Upgrade Services - Professional, reliable, knowledgeable PC help.
bullet Installations - Whether you bought it from us or somewhere else, we can help you get it installed and running. Installations are for software, hardware, or networks.
bullet Local Area Networks - Consulting, troubleshooting, installation & setup.
bullet DSL Networking - Connecting multiple computers to high speed Internet access.
bullet Programming - multiple languages for special applications.
bullet Web Applications - Managed Web Hosting, Design, E-commerce, and application development.
bullet Food Processing Applications - Intelligent systems including Conveyor-less transport, Intelligent Material Handling, Weighing, Automated Vacuum Transport, Ice-blowing, Robotic Water Knife applications, and more.
bullet Automated Systems for Manufacturers - Intelligent Conveyor Systems, PLC-based control systems, motor control, monitoring systems, and more.

  • When? - Campbell Automation Services wants to take care of your problems right now. We do prioritize by necessity according to the needs of the business. For example during tax season, many accountants, bookkeepers, and tax preparation companies lose revenue with a system down or if you are a food processor, production cannot stop because of one machine. We take into consideration those special needs and will do everything in our power to make sure revenue making or production systems are up and running in a timely manner.

  • Where? - Campbell Automation Services provides all services on-site at no extra charge. We don't feel that business people should be interrupted from operating their business and we like to provide all service on-site. Occasionally, we will have to bring a computer back into the shop, but most repairs can be done at the client's place of business. Without knowing the environment of a business, it is sometimes difficult to determine causes for interruption of computer service or really know how a business or plant operates. A lot of times, businesses need their systems up and running to perform everyday routines. If necessary, upgrades and repairs can be performed after hours. We strive to do everything possible to make the customer's experience a pleasant one.

  • How? - Campbell Automation Services has many resources available to solve problems. We work with major manufacturers, engineers, software solutions providers, and web solution providers to bring a complete service to you - the customer. We can find a solution if given the opportunity to help. Since we do not cater to one specific vendor or dealer on a particular product, we are flexible enough to provide exactly the right solution for your needs. Just call for an appointment so that we can come by and discuss your particular automation needs.

Food Processing Solutions:

Vacuum Transport

Ice Blowing Systems

Robotic Water Knife Systems